Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another Commander, The 3rd

This is the third time I built a Commander deck with a constraint on included cards.

Here's the decklist, and see if you can figure out the theme of this Commander deck:

Elder Dragon

The Land

 Here are the Spells

Everybody Guessing

Maybe you've seen I posted on Twitter challenging folks to guess the constraint.

Every guess so far hasn't been correct. But there's definitely been wonderful suggestions.

I encourage you to tweet at me your take on what the theme is.

So I can get closer to sharing a blog post describing my approach to making the deck.

Anything I share before the theme is guessed would lead to spoiling the challenge.

Course, this is why I shared this blog post and deck list - to help with the guessing!

Read the following tweeted guesses that have NOT been correct so far.

Xathrid be proud. I haven't included guesses asked of me in-person. Just the tweets.

Til next time! Good luck.


  1. Replies
    1. Hang in there. I believe it's quite difficult to guess and expect everyone to give up on after trying for a while. ;)

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    1. Send me a direct message at @bradleyrose in order for me to confirm or deny the guess. :) Thank you so much for giving a guess!