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With Adam Victor Klesh (@madolaf) and Tim Reilly (@timfreilly), I host a weekly podcast on Magic: The Gathering design called Beacon of Creation (@magicdesigncast).

We talk design of Magic products, collaborate on designing Magic sets with our listeners, and review custom card submissions for the design challenges we provide each week.

Co-hosts alumni: Alexis Janson (@AlexisJanson) and Juliet Louis (@mousewifegames),

Beacon of Creation Guests Alumni:

(in order of first appearance, lasted updated as of Episode 77)

Robby Rothe (MTG Color Pie)

Jay Treat

Alexis Janson (Debut Appearance and Subsequent Appearances as a Guest)

Jonathan Woodward

Ryan Sainio

Juliet Louis (Debut Appearance and Subsequent Appearances as a Guest)

  • Episode 50 - Castmire Questions with Pasteur
  • Note: Juliet joined the Beacon of Creation crew for a period of time to provide assistance during recording and outside of recordings. She appears in a number of episodes since her debut recorded episode.

Trevor Cashmore

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