Magic Writing

Besides writing for this blog on-and-off for eight years, below are other places I've written for:

Currently, I write for Card Kingdom covering varying topics, which include the aforementioned Archfrenemies format and Commander. Listed in order of newest to oldest:

"Unmasking the Jester"
"Simic By Design"
"Best Magic Card Designs of 2018"
"The Cipher Net"
"Commander 2018 Deck Tech: Arixmethes"
"Gonti Brawl and Creative Constraints"
"Pir and Toothy, Commander Companions"

In 2018, I wrote for Goblin Artisans about addressing issues with multiplayer and pack rarities through the lens of my multiplayer format design Archfrenemies

"Designing Archfrenemies"

Lastly, in 2011, I've written over twenty posts on Magic design and a community-collaboratively-designed set for the now-defunct Red Site Wins site. Those posts, collectively the "You're a Designer, Harry!" series, are now preserved on this blog.

#1 - Howdy, Folks
#2 - What Can I Get You Folks?
#3 - A Whole New World (Or Five)
#4 - White Out
#5 - Frankie Pea & Forked
#6 - Reassembling the Skeleton
#7 - Fixing and Fixing
#8 - Go for the Gold (or Hybrid)
#9 - The Sixth Faction
#10 - Banging My Head Against a 0/8 Defender
#11 - The Kingdom and the Jet Packs
#12 - Mechanics, the Decisions Torn
#13 - A Vanilla Lot, Eh?
#14 - Lurking, Prowling, and Hiding
#15 - Comment Ketchup
#16 - Nonblack Vs. Nongreen
#17 - Basic Adventuring Party
#18 - Keepin' It Classy
#19 - The Classifieds
#20 - Other Worlds-ly Journey
#21 - Not of This Worlds

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