Magic Design

In 2009, I won a Magic: The Gathering contest hosted by Wizards of the Coast and the now-defunct As a bonus, I also created the art.

In 2010, I participated in the Great Designer Search 2. Out of 1700+ applicants, I made it to Top 101.

During GDS2, finalist Devon Rule used my designs as part of the community collaboration portion of the show.  The designs were judged favorably by Wizards employees. Designs and comments here:

In 2011, I wrote over twenty Magic design articles over six months for the now-defunct Red Site Wins website. The articles were part of an ongoing series of collaborative set design.

In 2017, I started a weekly Magic design podcast with co-host Adam Victor Klesh, which is currently active in 2018 with additional co-host, Alexis Janson.

In 2018, I designed a format, a Cube draft innovation and Archenemy variant, called Archfrenemies.

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