Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Card Redesign #101: Karma

Daily Card Redesign is a daily Magic: The Gathering design exercise where I randomly choose a card for the scenario of it being killed late during its own set's development. I design a replacement card that uses the same art, is the same color, is the same rarity, and has a name that, alphabetically, keeps it within the same collector number for the set.


There's no Pacifism in Alpha, so this card slot seemed like a fitting place to include a Pacifism-like effect. Since the original design referenced Swamps, I figured that it was important to maintain this card slot's effect of being a card that is effective against players with Swamps.

Thus, combine the two points I mentioned above, and you get this new Pacifism variant!

For the name, since the the art depicts plants/vines wrapping the creature, I couldn't name it anything referencing using the power of plants and nature - because that would be a green thing. Karma was already doing a good job showing why this was happening - because the Swamp's vegetation is turning  against the player that dared used Swamps in the first place. Karma is a very white concept, which already takes care of what I need as a name for what the heck is going on in this card.

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