Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day -15: Episode III: Revenge of the Uncommons

Yes, I've recreated the uncommon cycle for the second time because I was bothered enough by the criticism of the version 2.0 cards. Instead of being "too bad", they're too powerful. I knew their power was beefed, but things such as mono-red taking advantage of just the red enchantment hitting for 3 every turn with mountains, it didn't make me feel good. That's too powerful. And the same sense of power goes with the other enchantments. I'd say the black one is the weakest.

So, I lowered the power/toughness boosting, (I even took it away completely from blue.) I added a cost to the upkeep activations, and I increased the regeneration cost for the green enchantment. It didn't take me long to make these adjustments It's easier to change the cards since the design part is now locked in, and it's just the development part of adjusting the values to make them more balanced.

I would tell you that this is the last time I'll change these uncommons, but given how I said that same thing for my second versions, I'm going to not say anything. Just in case.

Don't worry. I'm not pushover when it comes to my own designed cards. I just have listened to criticism and taken it into consideration and determined that it had merit. So, this is my response:

So, for mono-red, now if they pay the the upkeep cost, they'll be spending a 'R' mana, and sending in a Mountain card. That's sort of like a Shock, right? And Shocks aren't like Lightning Bolts when it comes to racing the opponent to deal 20 points of damage before running out of gas or the opponent stabilizing. Opposing creatures with three toughness suddenly give 2/1 Mountains a run for their money. Now, you gotta have an external source (most likely a card) to help solve the problem of that blocker.

Hopefully, I've found the middle ground here, and it's not too powerful nor too bad (It's definitely not something to laugh at anymore. If anything, it might still be too powerful.).

My rare cycle will be posted either today (double post!) or tomorrow.




  1. Interesting concept overall.

    MTG wise the wording should be "Land Creatures" Look at Dryad Arbor.
    It should be "... becomes a 1/1 ..." instead of "...become..."

    I also think Elemental would be more fitting than Avatar.

    Looking at most black cards that give deathtouch it's usually +1/+0 and death touch

    And the green one seems to over power a little. I think +1/+2 and reach would be better, but if you keep regenerate, I think it should just be +1/+1.

  2. You're right about the wording. I actually was thinking about Dryad Arbor and assumed that it said Land Creature instead of Creature Land. That was bad of me. I also copied and pasted the wording for the first ability across all five cards and I missed that 's'. So, a couple slip-ups!

    The Avatar creature type was part of my effort to flavorfully differentiate the Avatar of he Daimon cycle from the Genju and Zendikon cycles. The "Daimon" in the name references that there are shrines to the ghost of a hero. In this case, a hero's different body parts. However, I felt like it was closer to the creature type of Spirit, in this case. Which I also wanted to avoid because of the Genjus being spirits.

    However, seeing as this incarnation of my cards are now much different than the Genju and Zendikon cycle (they're not even land auras anymore), I can do Elemental and not feel bothered by it. Not that it's too important for how the cards work.

    I can accept the other adjustments except for reach. That'd be redundant with flying, so I'd keep regeneration for sure.

    Thanks for the input, Anonymous!