Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daily Card Redesign #149: Laboratory Maniac

Daily Card Redesign is a daily Magic: The Gathering design exercise where I randomly choose a card for the scenario of it being killed late during its own set's development. I design a replacement card that uses the same art, is the same color, is the same rarity, and has a name that, alphabetically, keeps it within the same collector number for the set.



I wanted to call this "Flipping the Switch" since that is the action being taken here (and both the word "flip" and "switch" describe the text of this card - so good!), but that doesn't fit alphabetically within the card number slot Laboratory Maniac had. So, I went with the next best thing, which was just mentioning the object being used.

I'm not sure if I templated the rules text correctly, but you get what I did here: you flip your whole turn. Well, except for the end phase, which is crucial to be last since it handles many things like cleaning up damage dealt and ending effects that last only until end of turn.

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