Monday, October 1, 2018

#Meltober 01: Poisonous

During the month of October is #Inktober! Each day has a single-word prompt, but instead of inking something, I'll be designing a Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the word. This is called #Meltober, named after "Mel", the more mechanically-inclined counterpart to "Vorthos" of the aesthetic profile spectrum.

Today's prompt is "poisonous."

Which is hilarious because that's already a keyworded mechanic! So, here's todays' non-poisonous-worded mechanic based on "poisonous:"

Alchemy is a parasitic mechanic - you'll get lots more potion counters the more alchemy cards you play. The idea is that there are various types of effects one can get from a potion - it'll just take the right alchemist expert to get the effect you want from any of the potions created from anybody with alchemy.

This example is the poisoner. :)

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