Monday, October 15, 2018

#Moxtober 15: Weak

During the month of October is #Inktober! Each day has a single-word prompt, but instead of inking something, I design a Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the word. This is called #Moxtober.

(#Moxtober was previously named #Meltober, named after "Mel", the more mechanically-inclined counterpart to "Vorthos" of the aesthetic profile spectrum.)

Day 01: "poisonous"
Day 02: "tranquil"
Day 03: "roasted"
Day 04: "spell"
Day 05: "chicken"
Day 06: "drooling"
Day 07: "exhausted"
Day 08: "star"

Day 09: "precious"
Day 10: "flowing"
Day 11: "cruel"
Day 12: "whale"
Day 13: "guarded"
Day 14: "clock"

Today's prompt is: "weak"

This is basically "wither lite."

A reminder that this mechanic can appear on both creatures and noncreatures (just like wither). The idea is that sometimes you can hurt something so bad that it would never be the same again after recovering.

Nice and simple this time.

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