Friday, October 19, 2018

#Moxtober 19: Scorched

During the month of October is #Inktober! Each day has a single-word prompt, but instead of inking something, I design a Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the word. This is called #Moxtober.

(#Moxtober was previously named #Meltober, named after "Mel", the more mechanically-inclined counterpart to "Vorthos" of the aesthetic profile spectrum.)

Day 01: "poisonous"
Day 02: "tranquil"
Day 03: "roasted"
Day 04: "spell"
Day 05: "chicken"
Day 06: "drooling"
Day 07: "exhausted"
Day 08: "star"

Day 09: "precious"
Day 10: "flowing"
Day 11: "cruel"
Day 12: "whale"
Day 13: "guarded"
Day 14: "clock"
Day 15: "weak"
Day 16: "angular"
Day 17: "swollen"
Day 18: "bottle"

Today's prompt is: "scorched"

"scorched" made me think of "scorched earth policy". That made me think of sacrificing your own resources for a tactical advantage. So an ability word that turns on when such a thing occurs. This is similar to morbid caring about anything dying.

I originally wanted to make this care about any player discarding a card or sacrificing a creature, and that may be the better route here, but I'm not quite sure. I decided to stick with the more focused one, only caring about your own self, in case the Limited environment meant players being too scared to pay a discard or sacrifice cost to avoid triggering an opponent's arsonous spell to be better.

I also wanted to name this "Scorch", but it turns out I already used up the name for a different Moxtober submission! (Day 15, "weak", mechanic of "weaken")

Set Fire seems appropriate instead - not that the name matters much in this evaluation. ^_^;

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